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  1. At the time Joe Meek and the Blue Men were cobbling together I Hear a New World, it wasn't crazy to believe that humankind would soon live on the moon; that political chauvinism would give way to.
  2. By the time of his death in , Meek had survived into an era when even his true experiences sounded like tall tales and where there was increasingly little room for those, like Joe Meek and his.
  3. ALL ABOUT THE MAN NAMED "JOE MEEK" Of course the compression curves tell only part of the story. There are also subtleties of the time constants of attack and release which have enormous effect on the musicality of the sound. The attack time produces audio 'punch' that again is a psychoacoustic effect, different attack times mimicking.
  4. Nov 05,  · Telstar: The Joe Meek Story The energy, craziness and often downright shabbiness of London's early '60s, pre-Beatles pop biz are vividly brought to life in "Telstar: The Joe Meek Story.
  5. Sep 04,  · There are lots of examples of the classic Joe Meek sound — angelic choirs and violins — that have never been released. For example, there's a song called Stairway to the Stars by Michael Cox Author: Chris Cottingham.
  6. Jun 19,  · So don't treat it as a dossier on Joe Meek's life or that of his colleagues. This film is however a tribute to Joe Meek and certainly has some of the things that Joe was great at: Music, Inspiring people and being a sensitive soul/10(K).
  7. On a shabby part of the Holloway Road in north London, just a few hundred yards from Arsenal's Emirates Stadium, is the flat where record producer Joe Meek used to live and work. On a wet April Author: Geoffrey Macnab.
  8. "The Ballad of Joe Meek" is told by what appears to be a good friend of Joe Meek. Joe's friend describes to the reader the temperament of Joe. The poem proceeds to introduce the theme of social injustice by Joe asking the police if "they thought they had done just right." when they pushed a girl down.
  9. Jan 01,  · This is the fascinating biography of Joe Meek—widely recognized as Britain's first real independent pop music producer and hailed as Britain's answer to Phil Spector. His public life was one of laughter, tears, and above all, music. His private life was a tortured tangle of violence, sex, drugs /5.
  10. Jun 13,  · Hi guys, Just was curious if anyone out there had heard of the very unusual and brilliant (in my opinion) record producer Joe Meek? From what I can tell, he was a very disturbed record producer who worked and lived in a tiny flat at Holloway Road.

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