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  1. Son of Aurelius discography (main) Under a Western Sun () > Son of Aurelius discography (all) Under a Western Sun () >.
  2. May 04,  · Son of Aurelius – The Farthest Reaches. While technical death metal bands aren’t exactly lacking these days, this is one genre I say “The More The Merrier!” and Son of Aurelius’ The Farthest Reaches is too good to ignore. It takes only seconds into the opening track, “Mercy Today” to hear what Son of Aurelius have mastered far better than many of their “time changes for the.
  3. With ear piercing vocals, blistering guitars going all over the place, and stellar drumming, Son of Aurelius does not lack in talent. From the soft, piano led interlude of The Calm, to the ferocious pace of Myocardial Infarction, the band does not cease to impress on the technical side of things.
  4. Son Of Aurelius - The Farthest Reaches. Top Son Of Aurelius Lyrics Slaughter The Immortals Let Them Hate And Fear Myocardial Infarction Mercy For Today The First The Serpent A Good Death Olympus Is Forgotten Pandora's Burden A Champion Reborn.
  5. Son Of Aurelius - The Farthest Reaches Lyrics. (*Music written by Cary Geare, words written by Josh Miller) The quest to steal the crown the ruler of, the gods himself* Can't stop me no.
  6. The Farthest Reaches Olympus Is Forgotten Facing the Gorgon Pandora’s Burden A Champion Reborn Mycordial Infarction The Calm A Good Death The First, the Serpent They Have Fallen Slaughter the Immortals Throne of Broken Gods Feast of Feminine Flesh Divine Are Slain.

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